September 29, 2023

On our Nina Hartley House website, we have a wealth of information on the history of the LA House. You can learn about the people who designed it, as well as the celebrities who live there. We also have a list of available homes in the area, so if you are interested in purchasing one, check it out!

The Nina Hartley house was a residence located in Los Angeles that was used as the setting of the film “Boogie Nights.

Our popular LA House Blog tells you the history of Nina Hartley’s house, plus you can read about her lifestyle, and get tips for a healthy sex life

This is the official blog of Nina Hartley House in Beverly Hills, California. We are a high end boutique residence that specializes in helping high net worth individuals achieve their own private dream home

Who is Nina Hartley?

Nina Hartley is a legend in the adult world. Her name is actually Marie Hartman and was born in 1959 in northern California. Additionally, she is a porn film star, nurse, activist, and even a sex educator. Check out the Nina Hartley house below.

Where is Nina Hartley from? Berkeley, California

How much is Nina Hartley worth?

Nina Hartley Net Worth: $6 million

Where Does Nina Hartley Live?

Nina Hartley lives in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles. Furthermore, this area is super nice and offers great views of the Pacific Ocean.

The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms with over 3,000 square feet of space. Her house is super nice and offers a mid century modern style. Also, amenities include a pool and hot tub in the back yard. Furthermore, there are great views of the Pacific Ocean right from the pool and even throughout the house. The interior is very modern and relaxing. This is definitely one cool pad for her and her family. The house is a yellowish white color and it looks like it was built sometime in the 1960s or 1970s. The property is also very pretty and offers tons of space. I think this pad is one she totally enjoys living at. Finally, would you like to live here?


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Photos: Nina Hartley House

The Nina Hartley House is a private home in Malibu, California owned by sex industry pioneer Nina Hartley, one of the first women to publicly discuss her sex life. The house was designed by architect Gary Fishel, and features a garden, swimming pool, guesthouse, outdoor shower and spa, and a large deck. The house has hosted many famous guests,

The Nina Hartley house was built in the early 1900’s, at a time when the area was filled with farms, and there were no roads connecting it to the outside world. It is located in rural Montana, and its architecture makes it look like a dollhouse.

Nina Hartley is a beautiful young porn star from the USA. She got her start in the adult industry when she was only 19 years old. This busty beauty has been featured on over 30 different adult websites since she began her career in 2001. She has been featured in hundreds of movies and thousands of photo sets. Some of her most popular titles are, “Sex

We also have a blog about the Nina Hartley house located in the Hollywood Hills. This is an amazing private residence designed by architect Michael Maltzan. If you like architecture, interior design and art, you will love this property!

If you like photos, you’re going to love this page! We have lots of pictures of the Nina Hartley house and her amazing lifestyle. There’s even a tour of her amazing house.


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