February 24, 2024
What Travelers Need To Know About London Fog Luggage Reviews

London Fog Luggage are very famous luggage manufacturer with lots of different styles and sizes of luggage, they are well known for their distinctive designs and classic style. London Fog Luggage has been used by many famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton.

London Fog Luggage Reviews is one of the most popular websites in the world. You’ll find reviews on over 2,000 products including rucksacks, bags, travel accessories, and everything in between.

Fog Luggage Reviews is the site where users read travel tips, make comments, share tips and ask questions about all the products and services we review.

If you are looking for luggage reviews London fog has over 60+ products from travel bags, backpacks, and duffle bags.

London Fog Luggage Review

Featuring a new innovative bag with a zippered main compartment, two spacious side pockets and a large zippered pocket, the London Fog Tote Bag is the perfect travel companion for your everyday commute. The sleek and stylish carry-on luggage is made from water resistant nylon with a durable PU-coated steel frame.

London Fog has created a line of luggage that is built to last, and to stand up to the demands of travel, especially in business. We are always looking to bring you the best products available for all your needs.

London Fog has been the industry leader in luxury travel bags for over 30 years. The collection ranges from elegant leather, canvas and suede handbags and travel bags to their durable and classic carry-on luggage. They also offer a variety of carry-on cases, rolling bags, duffle bags and daypacks.

London Fog is the first brand to make a luggage that meets your needs as a traveler. You can carry your travel necessities in this durable piece, which makes it ideal for road trips, city trips or any trip.

Where is London Fog luggage manufactured?

London Fog has an interesting history in regard to where their garments and luggage offerings are manufactured. The original location for manufacturing was in Baltimore, Maryland however in 1976 they changed location to Eldersburg, Maryland. In 1994, London Fog made the decision to move their factory to Connecticut, only then deciding to return back to their Eldersburg location a year later.

The manufacturing facility remained in Eldersburg until it shut down in 2002 and production was moved to China, where it remains to this current day. The reason for the closure of the factory was cited as high production costs compared to facilities abroad, with costs sometimes coming in at $10 a garment cheaper in Chinese factories. Although manufacturing now takes place abroad, the luggage and apparel is still designed in the USA.

 Is London Fog a good brand for luggage?

I wish there was a short answer for this, but unfortunately, there isn’t! The vast majority of the answer to this question lies in what type of trip you are taking. If you’re looking for a short city break, then the collection from London Fog luggage could be just what you’re looking for and a stylish way to make a statement as you touch down at your destination.

However, if a 2-week trek through the Andes is more your thing then it might be worth putting some consideration into keeping your London Fog bags at home on this occasion. It is probably quite fair and reasonable to assume that London Fog luggage wasn’t designed and built for the ruggedness of an adventurous trip.

In terms of bang for your buck, however, London Fog luggage is built to last. With a 10-year limited lifetime warranty, London Fog showcases its confidence that its product will withstand the mercy of the baggage handler. So, if short city breaks or business trips are more your things then London Fog luggage is most certainly an inspired choice, with many a cabin bag, duffle bag, garment bag available, plus plenty of options for carry on luggage.

Is London Fog a luxury brand?

Well known department store chains, such as Macy’s, stock London Fog bags and on their website they proclaim, “Become a jet-setting trendsetter with the right luggage, such as pieces from London Fog. Exude the kind of cool, confident air that ends in an instant upgrade, just for looking the part.” They go into further detail in their worship for London Fog luggage, which can be found here.

London Fog luggage just has that look about it. Their Queensbury softside range has an elegant royal blue material with gold coloured stitching fit for royalty. Their Oxford III bag looks like the offcut of a distinguished English gentleman’s tweed jacket. They look and indeed are, the real deal.


In our conclusion london fog luggage reviews blog, we will provide some useful information about our fog bags. We will talk about the latest developments in this industry, such as new colors and styles, as well as how fog luggage compares to traditional luggage.

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